Brandon Egli

Age: 18

Sports: Hockey

Athletic Goals/Dreams: Professional Hockey, NCAA Scholarship

Sports Heroes/Role Models: Theo Fluery, Drew Doughty

Favorite Moment: Winning Provincials, Team pacific short list, 3rd N. Americans (Roller hockey)

Favorite Workout: Bench Press with Baxter

Benefits from Training: Speed, Power, Agility

I`ve been playing hockey for 15 years and have met and worked with many different gyms and trainers. Tammy is hands down on a different level. Everyday you`re looking forward to going to the gym and know that you`re going to have incredible results. It truly is a professional environment when in the gym. 

I know working with Tammy she can get me to the next level and achieve long and short term goals. It really is “The Athletes Gym” 

Matt Baxter

Age: 18

Sport: Lacrosse

Athletic Goals/Dreams: Continue my lacrosse career throughout the Shamrocks program and play to my full potential

Sports Heroes/Role Models: Can’t really think of any

Favorite Workout: Anything to do with Strength

Benefits from Training:  I’ve found once I increased my strength and size I’ve had a lot more success in my game and my confidence with the ball.

Since working with Tammy, I have gotten stronger, bigger, and more explosive way beyond expectations. My previous bench max, for example, was stuck at 205lbs forever. After working with Tammy for 8 weeks, I set a new PR of 250lbs! I love the programs Tammy dishes out to me and the atmosphere of her facility.

There is no place to train like The Athlete’s Gym. I look forward to my workouts and continuing to break records.

Dylan Floyde

Age: 19

Sports: Football, Baseball

Athletic Goals/Dreams: Professional Athlete

Sports Heroes/Role Models: Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Larry Fitzgerald

Favorite Moment: Winning a championship with the Fort Garry Lions

Favorite Workout: Sequence Training Sets

Benefits from Training: Gains in Muscle Mass, Strength, Speed, and Stamina

 I moved to Victoria last year in pursuit of a degree at UVIC.  Throughout high school, I had always been involved in athletics, playing on multiple varsity sports teams. I met Tammy at Westshore Rebels Junior Football meeting and found out she was a Strength and Conditioning Coach. From there she analyzed my strengths and weaknesses, and developed a sport specific training program to improve on my weaknesses.

Since starting with her in January I have seen numerous improvements in my power, explosiveness, and stamina among other things.  In a mental aspect she has shared some of her motivational books, and gave me the confidence in myself to follow my dreams. Since I have a hard time gaining weight, she has given me nutritional advice which has helped me gain 12 lbs of muscle. She is professional, intelligent, a hard worker, and has a great sense of humour. It has been a stroke of luck meeting Tammy.  She is great to workout with, and I look forward to continuing to make progress with her!

Tristen Forish

Profile coming soon…

Matt Patro

Profile coming soon…

Des Bast

Age: 17

Sport: Hockey

Athletic Goals/Dreams: To have my education paid for through hockey

Sports Heroes/Role Models: Milan Lucic, Wendel Clark, Shea Weber

Favorite Workout: Skater Single-leg Split Squat

Benefits from Training: I believe a lot of my advancement in hockey is due to getting stronger and being more explosive.

When I saw Des skate, I was surprised at how much more explosive he has become. I think good things are about to happen for him. He is making sacrifices and working hard.

Hooking up with you via Mike (chiropractor) was a great stroke of luck.

            – Trevor Bast (father)

Natasha Akbarizadeh

Age: 16

Sport: Track and Field (Discus, Shotput, Hammer)

Athletic Goals/Dreams: 1st) make it to Nationals this year and 2nd) full ride scholarship down in the States

Sports Heroes/Role Models: None at the moment

Favorite Moment: Coming 1st in shot put, and 2nd in discus down at the Chehalis track meet in Washington

Favorite Workout: Anything that kills my legs

Benefits from training: Gaining strength, energy and a clear mind