Supplements Corner: Creatine

Supplements Corner: Creatine The supplements industry can be confusing! So many products, so many outrageous claims… Worst of all, many supplements are nothing more than expensive junk foods! So are any worth taking? And if so, which ones do you take? There are only a handful of supplements recommended by the leading sports nutritionists and ….  Read More

Michael Boyle on Successful Sports Conditioning

The following is a post courtesy of Michael Boyle… Here in the Internet Age of strength and conditioning, most people seem to want to belong to a group. Instead of developing a coaching/training philosophy, they adopt one. The Scientist.The Kettlebell Guy/Girl.The Bodybuilder. And, of course, now we have: The Cr—fitter… At one point, you may ….  Read More

Sequence Training: The Next Generation of Sports Conditioning

I recently had the opportunity to learn from one of my most admired strength and conditioning professionals, Dr. Matt Rhea, about ground-breaking research and practical application of Sequence Training for Sports Conditioning. Although I have been incorporating Sequence Training sets, Dr. Rhea has been doing some amazing research and was kind enough to share the ….  Read More

Speed Kills.

Speed, agility, and quickness in sport gives you an edge on your competition. The great news is that “SAQ” can all be learned through technique training, proper drills, and hard work. If you’re wanting and willing to get faster, let’s dive (or sprint!) into action.