VPS and Shared hosting are used to implement diverse goals, as they give the user different computing power.

      Shared hosting is designed to host sites, online stores, portals – everything that works on a web server. The server itself is administered by the provider, the client manages only its web project.

      If you need a “comfortable home” for your site, then choose the Shared hosting service. It is cheaper than VPS, and saves you from administering the server itself.

      VPS is used to solve larger tasks than hosting a website or online store. There are no restrictions on the number of sites, domain zones, software, except for the framework of the technical characteristics of a virtual server, which you yourself choose when ordering a service.

      A virtual server is suitable for you if you host heterogeneous software or large web projects on the same server. If your site (or several sites) performs many different functions, such as exchanging information and data, documents, media files, registering a large number of users, conducting large online trading (more than 5000 products), then choose VPS. Sites on Shared hosting can use the same IP address and “take each other” server resources, which in the case of a large web project interferes with its normal operation.

      Key Benefits of Hong Kong VPS

      Today, virtual private servers in comparison with physical ones have the following list of advantages:

•         Financial savings. This factor is crucial for almost any type of entrepreneurial activity. The rental price of a physical server, as a rule, costs several times more than the cost of a virtual one. Buying your own equipment will be much more expensive;

•         Full independence from hardware failures. VDS and VPS are not hardware related. If the latter fails, then the data can be easily copied and placed on another machine.

      Experts argue that VPS is advantageous to rent if the project does not fit within the traditional hosting, and using your own server is not very profitable due to the large investment.

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